Court maintenance

A word to start with: as a basic rule, we should all leave the courts as we would like to find them.

Everyone is happy about a clean well-kept facility.


If you notice anything, or if you have any questions about seat maintenance, please contact our 2nd chairman.

Tennis shoes

Please only play with tennis shoes that are suitable for the respective topping on both the outdoor and indoor courts.

Typically, the sand courts have a profile with a so-called herringbone pattern. This sole also fits for indoor use with granules (but only in clean condition).
A nice overview with more information can be found e.g. here 


Gentle with the clay court

Especially at the beginning of the season, the clay courts are often still soft and particularly vulnerable. Please take a gentle approach and do not start directly with the hottest matches. The courts have to settle a bit.

If there is a hole or other bumps, please make sure to close or eliminate them. Step holes directly back and go over them again if necessary with the wooden scraper (with sensitivity...)


The outdoor courts have an automatic irrigation system.

If the place should be too dry, irrigation can be started manually via the "kitchen timer" on the side of the square. It is best to select 2min here (several times if necessary) - please set max. 5 minutes at a time so as not to flood the space. In addition, there are still a snification for manual watering.

In case of bad weather, please also make sure that the place should not be too wet (from the rain, etc.). Playing under such conditions can cause great damage on the court. So: please be patient and wait until the places have dried again.

Straighten the courts

After each game, the course is deducted - regardless of whether the course is still used or not. Smoothing it prevents small bumps from growing - keep in mind that they can solidified otherwise, for example, by the automatic watering overnight.

Please make sure to pull off the  whole place (i.e. out to the fence). In this way, we prevent all weeds and moss formation at the edges of the places.

With the net, you proceed in a spiral from the outside to the inside, as can be seen in the picture here. Eliminate stones or similar ones at the same time.

And then finally: clean the lines if necessary. Brooms are available for this purpose.

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