Court Procedures

Tennis is the perfect combination of brutal action in an atmosphere of absolute tranquility. (Billie Jean King)

Entering the courts

Playing time

The single playing time is 60 minutes, the double playing time 90 minutes.



When entering the court, hang the membership cards of all members playing on the respective court and set the end-time of the session at the clock sign.

Waiting members who want to replace players hang behind/next to the currently players on the watchboard.


Please note

  • The end of the session must be observed. After the end of the game, all players must leave the court.
  • The end of the game cannot be postponed by adding new players.
  • The space maintenance is included in the playing time.
  • Waiting club members must be taken into account.
  • After a playing time a day, there is no longer any eligibility for playing, unless there are still enough places available, the time must be set to 12 noon. At the second season of the day, the place must be released immediately on publishers.



  • May only play on the outdoor courts after 6 p.m., provided that another seat is available at the beginning of the season
  • From 7 p.m., adults are primarily entitled to play and can replace young people at any time


Youth training and teams

Fixed times on the courts are reserved for youth training and teams. The details can be found on the course occupancy plan of the current season and schedule of the HTV betting matches.

Guests at the courts

Guests can only use a place together with members, guests cannot play alone on the complex.
Members with guests must ensure that guest stamps are procured and devalued in good time beforehand (labeled with date and time).


Please note

  • From 4 p.m. there will be no more training with guest stamps on the outdoor courts.
  • Members take precedence over guests, guests are not allowed to "redetach" members.
  • Guests are only allowed to play on the outdoor courts after 5 p.m., provided that there is still a
  • Another place is available at the beginning of the season.
  • Guests are only allowed to play on the facility a maximum of 10 times a year. The same applies to private training with trainers and guest brands, after which club membership is required.


Private training

An outdoor court (max.) may be occupied by members from 4 p.m. for private training, team training has priority.

Playing indoors

The tennis hall in Kalbach is operated by the city of Frankfurt. General information can be found here Sports and Leisure Center Frankfurt am Main Kalbach


The seats can be booked both by the hour and as a subscription. As an association, we have booked a certain contingent of hours for youth training and other use of the association. Information on this is always available at the beginning of each season by e-mail to our members.


The link to the direct booking of indoor courts is this Frankfurtticket Tennis Multipurpose Hall Kalbach

Hier finden Sie die Tennisanlage:

Sport- und Freizeitzentrum Kalbach

Am Martinszehnten 2

60437 Frankfurt am Main

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